Effect of moisture content variation on some physical properties of Achi seeds

Irouwa Oji, S.N. Asoegwuand, C.D. Okereke


The physical properties of Achi seeds were determined as a function of moisture content in the range of 12.5% to 24% dry basis (average range of Achi seed between eating and harvesting) to provide information for the design of processing, handling, harvesting and storage equipment and facilities. The average equivalent diameter was found to increase from 12.31 mm at 12.5% d.b moisture content to 12.62 mm at 24% d.b moisture content; geometric mean diameter of 9.99 mm at 12.5% moisture content to 10.37 mm at 24% moisture content. At that range of moisture content investigated, the sphericity increased from 47.80% to 48.82%; the aspect ratio from 0.761 to 0.765; the volume from 977.4 mm3 to 1053.89 mm3; surface area from 313.6 mm2 to 337.66 mm2; square mean diameter from 12.15 mm2 to 12.46 mm2 while the bulk density decreased from 512.4 kg/m3 to 474.4 kg/m3. Results showed that there are effects of moisture variation on some physical properties of the Achi seeds.


Achi, equivalent mean diameter, moisture content, sphericity, surface area, bulk density, volume, aspect ratio

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