Draft force requirements of a dual bent blade subsurface tillage implement


  • Mahmood Reza Salar
  • Ali Esehaghbeygi
  • Abbas Hemmat
  • Hoda Kargarpour


rake angle, bent blade, subsurface tillage, soil disturbance area, dual bent blade


Decreasing draft force of tillage tools is always one of the important concepts in tillage operation.  According to structure properties of bent leg, in this research, two upward and backward dual bent blade subsurface tools with two rake angles of 7.5 and 15 degree and two bend angles of 10 and 20 degree were developed and draft force, soil disturbance area and specific draft were compared in two soil moisture content levels of 0.7 and 0.9 of plastic limit (PL).  The effect of soil moisture content was not significant on any of the measured variables.  The draft force of the subsurface tools was increased with increasing rake and bend angles of blade.  The least mean of draft force was achieved in forward dual bent blade subsurface tool with bend angle of 10 degree and rake angle of 7.5 degree.  The effect of rake angle and subsurface type were significant on soil disturbance area.  The specific draft was increased with increasing bend angle.  The forward dual bent blade subsurface tool had a better yield with decreasing specific draft and increasing soil disturbance area.






III-Equipment Engineering for Plant Production