Mathematical modelling of the performance of an impact snake gourd (Trichosanthes cucumerina. L) seed sheller

David Oluwafemi Idowu, Oseni Kehinde Owolarafe


A mathematical model for the prediction of shelling efficiency of an impact snake gourd seed decorticator was presented using dimension analysis based on the Buckingham’s pi theorem.  Experimental verification of the models was conducted comparing the theoretical predictions with estimates from the representation of conventional methods.  A high coefficient of determination was found between the predicted and the experimental value (98.45% for effect of moisture content on decortication efficiency; 99.69% for effect of hammer diameter on decortications efficiency and 97.35% for effect of hammer speed on the decortications efficiency) showing that the model is appropriate.


dimension analysis, model equation, decortication efficiency, moisture content, hammer diameter, hammer speed

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