Operations scheduling of sugarcane production using fuzzy GERT method (part II: preserve operations, harvesting and ratooning)

Nasim Monjezi, Mohammad Javad Sheikhdavoodi, Hasan Zakidizaji, Afshin Marzban, Mahmood Shomeili


This paper presents a GERT method based on fuzzy theory for solving fuzzy project scheduling of sugarcane production (preserve operations, harvesting and rationing) in Khuzestan province of Iran. In this method, activity duration time and loops, repetition number, and output activities from nodes of network belong to a fuzzy set. First, an analytical approach was proposed to simplify the structure of network. Then, GERT network computations were done based on evaluating nodes. Process outputs were scheduled network and project fuzzy completion time. These outputs were fuzzy numbers and can be analyzed by α- cut. Results prove that the method of using fuzzy numbers and fuzzy relation in project scheduling is a powerful tool to estimate time for agricultural mechanization projects.


scheduling, sugarcane, GERT, fuzzy

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