A review on applications of greenhouse drying and its performance

Ravinder Kumar Sahdev, Mahesh Kumar, Ashwani Kumar Dhingra


Limited sources and rising cost of fossil fuels has instigated researchers to look towards renewable energy resources.  Among renewable energy resources, solar energy is required to become indispensable in the future, as it is inexpensive, abundant, inexhaustible, environmental friendly and non-pollutant.  Most of the people living in developing countries are dependent on agriculture.  Agricultural products are dried to increase the storage life, minimize the packaging requirement and reduce the transportation weight.  Solar drying for drying agricultural products is being practiced since long back throughout the world.  Because of its drawbacks, advance technique, i.e. greenhouse drying, is being adopted for drying crops to reduce the drying time and increase the quality of the food products.  Some new methods have also been attempted to increase the drying efficiency of greenhouse.  In this paper, a comprehensive review of greenhouse drying of various commodities is presented.  Different parameters such as thermal analysis, drying characteristics of crops, energy and exergy analysis, and greenhouse drying performance were discussed.  In addition, the economical aspects of greenhouse dryers were also highlighted.  This review paper will be helpful to the new researchers to know about the various technical aspects of the greenhouse dryer. 


greenhouse drying, agricultural products, convective heat transfer coefficient, energy and exergy analysis, economical aspects, drying performance

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