Maximizing wheat crop yield using a mobile thresher at small holdings

Shreen F. A., S.E. Badr, M.M. Morad


This study was carried out at a private farm in Owlad Sakr District, Sharkia governorate Egypt during 2015 summer season. It aimed to maximize wheat crop yield by modifying a stationary thresher. The modification involved tractor mounting the thresher to move among the field and the thresher was attached with a feeding device and a straw container. The experiment was established and designed statistically as a factorial experiment in complete randomized blocks with three replications. The tested treatments were wheat plant feeding rate levels of 500, 700,900 and 1100 kg/h and wheat plant moisture content levels of 16%, 18% and 20% (w.b.). The obtained results showed that the modified thresher decreased the total grain losses with 45.24%, increased the threshing efficiency with 1.35%, increased the cleaning efficiency with 8.16% and decreased the threshing criterion costs with 38.24%, with the stationary thresher. So, it is recommended to apply wheat threshing using the mobile thresher.


develop, experiment, threshing efficiency, mobile thresher

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