Generation of database for development of a control system for precision seed applicator


  • prabhat kumar guru CRRI Cuttack
  • Prem Shanker Tiwari Head & Principal Scientist, CIAE Bhopal
  • Kunj Bihari Tiwari Associate Professor, CAE Jabalpur
  • Atul Shrivastava Professor, CAE Jabalpur
  • Rajesh Kumar Naik Asst. Prof. IGKV Raipur
  • Brajesh Nare IIT Karaghpur


DSS, precision seed drill, physical properties of seeds


The site specific application of seed to maintain crop growth is an essential part of precision agriculture and is required to minimize the cost of production. In this study database of selected seed was generated for development of precision seed drill to enable variable-rate application with a significant reduced error compared to current seed applicators. The laboratory setup was design and fabricated and was equipped with fluted helical roller and a variable speed DC motor with controller. The experiment conducted for three different exposures, two crops, six varieties, and three different seed sizes. The effect of different hopper filling, exposure length of fluted roller on seed delivery rate was measured and the speed ratio between ground wheel to feed shaft for different seed rate of wheat and soybean were recommended. Based on data a decision support system was developed to help the user to select the crop, variety, row to row spacing, and to select desired seed rate.

Author Biography

prabhat kumar guru, CRRI Cuttack

Scientist, Crop Production Division, CRRI Cuttack






V-Management, Ergonomics and Systems Engineering