Removal Efficiencies in Full-scale Biotrickling Filters used to clean Pig House Exhaust Air

Rune R. Andreasen, Anders L Riis, Knud Mortense


In this study, we tested the performance and perspectives of four full-scale biotrickling filters based on Leca® (Light Expanded Clay Aggregates), a mechanically stable, non-degradable filter media, known to absorb odorous compounds such as H2S and methanethiol. The four filters varied in: filter thickness, carrying media, and the presence of dust filters. Biological Leca® filters were found to be capable of reducing NH3, H2S and odour by up to 96%, 80% and 78%, respectively. Clogging was observed to occur after approximately 100 days, but the installation of a dust filter successfully eliminated this problem.


Biotrickling filters; odour; ammonia; full-scale; pig stable exhaust air

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