A Two Degree of Freedom Damped Fruit Tree Model


  • Zoltán Láng Corvinus University of Budapest
  • Lászó Csorba Szent István University, Gödöllő


fruit tree, modelling, mechanical shaking, shaker machine


A simple two degree of freedom fruit tree model was built and some of its behaviour was compared with real cherry trees. The model represented from one hand the rooting system with a certain amount of soil and of the trunk, from the other hand the main branches and limb.  The calculated results for the model have shown good accordance with the test results of the measured real tree: in both cases two peaks in the amplitude and acceleration vs.  frequency diagrams were clearly recognizable. Using the equation of the model the effect of shaker parameters and shaking frequency can be studied, which enables more accurate design of the shaker machine.

Author Biographies

Zoltán Láng, Corvinus University of Budapest

Corresponding author, professor and head of Technical Department,  Budapest, 1118, Villanyi út 31, Hungary 

Lászó Csorba, Szent István University, Gödöllő

lecturer, Department of Mechanics






VI-Postharvest Technology and Process Engineering