Estimation of head rice yield by measuring the bending strength of kernels after drying by different drying methods


  • Seyed Mehdi Nassiri Department of Biosystems Engineering,Shiraz University
  • Seyed Mohammad Etesami Department of Biosystems Engineering, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran


bending strength, drying, head rice yield, fissured kernels, rough rice


In this study, two local rough rice cultivars (long and medium grain) were dried by three different drying methods including indirect and mixed-mode active solar dryers, and continuous dryer at three temperature levels of 35°C, 45°C and 55°C.  Bending strength of brown rice kernels, percentage of fissured kernels and head rice yield were measured and evaluated.  No significant difference between bending strength of dried rough rice kernels by indirect and mixed-mode active solar drying methods was observed.  Drying by continuous dryer improved the mechanical strength of kernels by providing tempering periods.  Medium size kernels depicted more strength than longer ones.  Strong relationships were established between the bending strength of the brown rice kernels and percentage of fissured kernels and as well as head rice yield.







VI-Postharvest Technology and Process Engineering