Softening in pistachio kernels during ultrasonic desiccation

Ahmad Kouchakzadeh


Changes in Young’s modulus of pistachio kernels after ultrasonic desiccation were examined.  Young’s modulus in ultrasonic dried nuts (6.3% to 8.0% d.b.) rises from 27 to 35 MPa within 150 W to 300 W ultrasonic powers.  The sun dried modulus values were roughly greater than 70 MPa and a consistent trend like acoustic dried could not be observed.  These results showed the acoustic softening is accrued when the pistachio kernels are exposed to ultrasonic vibration.  Kernels could not maintain its hardness so the Young’s modulus decreased rather than sun dried.


ultrasonic softening, young’s modulus, desiccation, pistachios

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