Simulation of negative pressure behavior using different shapes and positions of pressure inlet and seed hole diameters using ANSYS-CFX to optimize the structure of a pneumatic metering device designed for wheat


  • Yasir Hassan Satti Department of Agricultural Mechanization, College of Engineering, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuahn-China
  • Qingxi Liao College of Engineeering, Huazhng agricultural university (HAZU), Wuhan, China


simulation, precision metering device, negative pressure behavior


Abstract: the pneumatic precision metering device for wheat was innovated, designed and tested under laboratory conditions. Very good results were then obtained according to the precision seeding criteria based on quality of feed index (QFI), miss index (MIS) and multiple index (MULI).

To optimize the structure of the design for gas stability before manufacturing, ANSYS-CFX was involved.

Gas behavior was simulated under different shapes and positions for pressure inlet along with different seed hole diameters.

According to the structure determined in ANSYS-CFX, the seed hole of 1.8 mm and cylindrical shape of pressure inlet was found to be the best among others, accordingly the deice was then manufactured and tested under laboratory and field conditions.

The results from laboratory and field experiments were found to be in conformity with these of simulation, which indicated that ANSYS-CFX is a powerful and highly accurate application in optimizing the structure of such designs.    






III-Equipment Engineering for Plant Production