An electromechanical implement lift system with position control for low horse power tractor


  • Hifjur Raheman Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India


Implement lifting system, Electromechanical, Position control, ACME screw and nut, Single start screw, Triple start screw.


An electromechanical implement lift system comprising of two lower links, one top link, two lift rods, one connecting rod and power screw mechanism fitted on a frame was developed with position control to replace the commonly used hydraulic system for implement lifting requiring higher power. The prototype was tested as per IS: 12224-1987 for recommended load of 150 kg on test frame and satisfactory results were found. The response time for lifting a load of maximum lifting capacity on test frame i.e. 116 kg and 110 kg for entire lifting range was found to be 71 s and 20.7 s for single start screw and triple start screw, respectively as compared to 44.7 s and 13.3 s for lowering the loads. The position control of the system was also tested and found satisfactory with no drop in the height for maximum lifting capacity. The developed system could save 88% tractor power required in conventional implement lifting system operated hydraulically.

Author Biography

Hifjur Raheman, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India

Professor inĀ 

Agril. & Food Engineering Dept






III-Equipment Engineering for Plant Production