Formulation and optimization of foam mat dried grape bar


  • Kalika Gupta
  • Mohammed Shafiq Alam


, Foam mat drying, Grape bar, Quality Parameters


 A five level four factors central composite rotatable design under response surface methodology was used to optimize process conditions of the foam mat drying process i.e. egg albumen (0-12%), methyl cellulose (0.1-0.5%), drying bed thickness (3-7mm) and drying temperature (55-750C) to develop grape bar with final moisture content of 14±1 % (db). Contour and response graphs were generated and the effect of foaming parameters on the quality parameters namely drying time, color change, texture, non-enzymatic browning, total sugars (%), titrable acidity (%), protein (%) and overall acceptability (%) were studied. Significant regression models were established with the coefficient of determination, R2 (≥0.90). Optimization of process for grape bar was performed to result minimum drying time, color change, cutting force, non enzymatic browning and maximum overall acceptability and optimized process conditions were 5.51 % egg albumen, 0.31% methyl cellulose, 4 mm drying bed thickness and 600C drying temperature with desirability 0.74.

Author Biographies

Kalika Gupta

Sr. Research Fellow, Deptt of Processing and Food Engineering,

Mohammed Shafiq Alam

Research Engineer, Deptt of Processing and Food Engineering, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, INDIA






VI-Postharvest Technology and Process Engineering