Scenarios and causes of rollover incidents with self-propelled agricultural machinery in Austria

Hannes Mayrhofer, Elisabeth Quendler, Josef Boxberger


 Rollovers are the most common incidents with tractors, self-propelled harvesting and agricultural materials handling machinery in Austrian agriculture.  The precise identification of rollover incident scenarios and causes with these vehicles is the aim of the study. In order to achieve this, incident victims were interviewed and incident reports were analysed.  To derive information from report and interview material the qualitative content analysis was used.  The analysis showed that rollovers with tractors, self-propelled harvesting machinery and materials handling machinery showed similarities in terms of causes, circumstances and consequences although they are quite different in vehicle concept, operation and use.  The rollovers were mostly influenced by the work tasks and the environmental conditions.  Incorrect or inappropriate vehicle use by the driver and technical defects were also important incident causes.  It was possible to work out seven conjoint main causes and 15 subcauses that were categorized in a structured class system.


Keywords: incident, agricultural machinery, rollover, victim survey, content analysis


Incident, agricultural machinery, rollover, victim survey, content analysis

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