Physical properties of snake gourd seed (Trichosantes cucumerina L) relevant in grading and seperation


  • David Oluwafemi Idowu LAUTECH, OGBOMOSO, NIGERIA
  • O.K. Owolarafe Department of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Osun State, Nigeria


The physical properties of snake gourd (Trancosanties cucumerina L) seed have been evaluated as a function of moisture contents,6.80%, 8.60%, 12.00%, 14.00% and 17.00% (db) moisture contents.  The properties investigated include one thousand mass, dimensions (length, width and thickness), sphericity, volume, true density and bulk density.  The results of the experiment showed that seed length increased from 11.30±0.3 to 12.4±0.50 mm, width (from 5.60±0.30 to 6.60± 0.30 mm), thickness (from 2.0±0.25 to 2.7±0.32 mm), one thousand mass (from 110.0±5.2 to 240.0±6.5 g), geometric mean diameter (from 5.02 ± 0.61 to 6.05±0.52 mm), sphericity (from 0.44±0.05 to 0.49±0.06), volume (from 38.98±4.1to 69.68±5.2 mm3), true density (from 0.91±0.26 to 0.97±0.30) and bulk density (from 0.3360±0.022 to 0.3519±0.012).  The kernel evaluated in the same range of moisture content showed length (5.20±0.67 to 6.60±0.8 mm), width (2.0±0.3 to 3.0±0.6 mm), thickness (0.30 ±0.02 to 0.70 0.041 mm),one thousand mass (60.3±3.0 to 180.4±5 g), geometric mean diameter (0.68±0.05 to 1.11±0.03 mm), sphericity (0.13±0.012 to 0.17± 0.015), volume (8.0±1.22 to 38±4.3 mm3), true density (0.7563±0.12 to 0.8052 ±0.21 g mm-3) and bulk density (0.4132±0.021 to 0.4462±0.011 g cm-3).  The result of analysis shows that the effect of moisture content is significant (p<0.05) on all the properties investigated.  These data will be useful in design and development of grading and separation equipment for snake gourd seed and kernel.


Keywords: snake gourd, physical properties, moisture content, separation equipment, grading equipment

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VI-Postharvest Technology and Process Engineering