An on-line advisor for sizing and economic analysis of anaerobic digestion plants


  • Patrizia Busato DISAFA - University of Turin
  • Remigio Berruto DISAFA - University of Turin
  • Alessandro Sopegno DISAFA - University of Turin
  • Renè Cornelissen Cornelissen Consulting Services, B.V.


Biogas, Bioenergy, feasibility, viability, subsidy, web application, free


A web-based service was deployed to appropriately size bio-gas plant capacity and perform its economic viability and return on investment based on biomass availability.  The tool is based on accepted biogas plant engineering design practice, incorporating the effects of incentives resulting from energy policies for member nations of the European Union participating in the Bioenergy Farm IEE and EU funded project.  The service provides a comprehensive database that allows consultants and farmers to analyze anaerobic digestion systems at different levels of granularity.  It also included multilingual support.  An adoption program was conducted to increase awareness on the availability of the service and ensure appropriate use and interpretation of its results.  Since its deployment, the tool has been frequently used by consultants and farmers.  The advisor was used to conduct over 3000 sizing and analysis of biogas production plants and completely fulfill all project targets.


Keywords: Bioenergy, feasibility, viability, subsidy, web application, free

Author Biographies

Patrizia Busato, DISAFA - University of Turin

Research fellowship

Remigio Berruto, DISAFA - University of Turin

Associate Professor

Alessandro Sopegno, DISAFA - University of Turin

Ph.D. Student






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