Determination of physical properties of apricot fruit and proper box height for storing and handling the apricot fruit


  • Isa Hazbavi


apricot fruit, static force, height box, physical properties


In avoiding damage to fruit species, the permissible falling height and permissible static pressure are of great importance.  The former is important in planning harvesting and handling operations, the latter in selecting the height of transport containers.  Fruits are generally transported in containers.  The static and dynamic forces which then act on the fruit will cause damage if they exceed given value.  The static force may be calculated from the weight of the fruit column being transported while the dynamic load is a consequence of vibration caused by transport.  The permitted static load for a given fruit may be determined experimentally.  The aim of this study was design of a suitable height based on the measured properties using Ross and Isaacs’s theory by determination of physical and mechanical properties of fresh apricot fruit.  Maximum height for packing and storing of fresh apricot fruit in the box was determined to be less than 49.5 cm based on a rupture force of 6.5 N.


Keywords: apricot fruit; static force; height box; physical properties

Author Biography

Isa Hazbavi

Department of Engineering, Shahr-e Ray Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran.






VI-Postharvest Technology and Process Engineering