Hydraulic impact of Wan River Project with MIKE 11

Mahendra Uttamrao Kale, Mahendra Budhaji Nagdeve, Sudhir Babarao Wadatkar, Mahendra M. Deshmukh, Anant N. Mankar


Hydraulic assessment of Wan River Project was carried out using MIKE 11 model from the Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI).  The approach for this model leads to unsteady flow simulations along stream channel reach.  The study aimed the development of MIKE 11 model based on stream cross-section (L sections) and water release data.  The global value of the model parameters i.e. manning’s roughness coefficient (n) and ground water leakage coefficient was found as 0.028 and 7.11e-005, respectively.  The hydraulic performance of wan river project was judged in terms of water delivery performance ratio and system performance ratio.  The average water delivery performance ratio WDPR ratio for canal network of the project declines from 1.05 to 0.68, 0.68 to 0.39 and 0.39 to 0.28 for head, middle and tail reach, respectively.  The system performance ratio revealed that the Main canal, Telhara and Warud distributory are drawing excess water, whereas Bathkhed distributory, Branch and Belkhed Branch canal are getting less water.  The study concluded that there was uneven distribution of water among the distributories and hence there is need to reschedule the irrigation.


Keywords: hydraulic assessment, unsteady flow simulation, river modeling, MIKE 11 HD, Wan River project


Hydraulic assessment, Unsteady flow simulation, River modeling, MIKE 11 HD

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