Evaluation of the spray generated by a greenhouse spraying robot


  • D. Kalantari Dep. of Mechanics of Agr. Machinery, Sari Agricultural and Natural Resources University (SANRU), Sari, Iran
  • M. Shayanmehr Dep. of Plant Protection, Sari Agricultural and Natural Resources University (SANRU), Sari, Iran
  • A. Refigh Young Researchers and Elites Club, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


 In this study, characterization of an automatic greenhouse spraying system containing a full cone spray nozzle is presented.  Spray flow rate of the nozzle as a function of incoming pressure to the nozzle, together with distribution of mean drop size, two components of drop velocity and uniformity of the generated spray are given in this study.  Based on the results obtained, mean droplet size at the centreline of the spray is much smaller than dose in the outer side of the full cone spray.  Uniformity of the generated spray by a given nozzle should be examined before application, especially if the nozzle is not new.  The average generated drop size by the examined nozzle is less than 60 μm which is suitable for the insecticide or fungicide applications.


Keywords: spray, nozzle, full-cone nozzle, insecticide, uniformity






III-Equipment Engineering for Plant Production