Participatory evaluation and demonstration of animal drawn compactor for Teff seedbed preparation

Geta Kidanemarim Gelaw, Gesesew Likeleh, Abaye Getahun, Minale Liben


The research was conducted at north west of Ethiopia, Amhara Region, west Gojjam Zone, Burie Woreda and Bahirdar Zuria  Woreda at two kebeles on two types of soils vertisol (heavy soil) and clay loam (light soil).  Teff is the typical cereal production and staple food of Ethiopians.  Teff needs six up to eight times of plowing and then during seeding time, the field needs trampling that makes the small size of Teff seed stick with the soil.  Trampling is usually done by walking domestic animals (Cattle, Mules, Donkeys, Sheep and Goats) over the prepared teff field over more than six hours.  It is demanded to substitute the trampling technique by other technologies, then the animal drawn compactor was produced in Bahirdar Agricultural Mechanization and Food Science research center and evaluated with Farmers.  The result revealed that animal trampling and compactor have significant difference over the non trampling in terms of yield at Burie (T1&T2) sites, whereas at Bahirdar site there was no significant difference among all treatments (2010/2011).  On the second year (2011/2012), the compactor had higher yield compared to animal trampled and non trampled; and the statistical analysis showed significant differences.  In terms of economical benefit, animal trampled plot had more expenditure compared to non trampled plot, but the maximum profit is on animal trampled and compactor, than non trampled.  During the demonstration and field day, the farmers commented the compactor is also useful for trampling finger millet field after seeding.  According to observation and farmers comment and the result revealed that it is a must to compact the soil for Teff production at optimum moisture on vertisol and light clay soil.  Hence, the evaluated technology should be demonstrated in Teff producing area where trampling is practiced and is better to collect other farmers’ preference.

Keywords: animal trampling, compacting, Teff


animal trampling, compacting, Teff

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