Comparative analysis of exhaust gases from MF285 and U650 tractors under field conditions


  • Gholami Rashid Razi University of IRAN
  • Rabbani Hekmat Razi University of IRAN
  • Lorestani Ali Nejat Razi University of IRAN
  • Javadikia Payam Razi University of IRAN
  • Jaliliantabar Farzad Razi University of IRAN


Environmental pollution, Exhaust gases, Tractors


Agricultural machinery is an important source of emission of air pollutant in rural locations.  This work deals with the effects of types of tractors and operation conditions on engine emission.  The values of some exhaust gases (HC, CO, CO2, O2 and NO) from two common tractors (MF285 and U650) at three situations (use of ditcher, plowing and cultivator) were evaluated in the West of IRAN (Kermanshah).  In addition, engine oil temperature at operation conditions was measured.  Also results showed the values of exhaust HC and O2 of MF285 are lower than U650, while the other exhausts gases (CO, CO2, and NO) of MF285 are higher than U650.  Value of NO emission increased as engine oil temperature increased.  All of exhaust gases except CO have a significant relationship with type of tractors, while all of measured gases have a significant relationship with installed instruments at 1%.


Keywords: environmental pollution, exhaust gases, tractor






IV-Energy in Agriculture