Physical properties of bottle gourd seeds

Rama Chandra Pradhan, Prashant P. Said, Subedar Singh


The present study was aimed to evaluate physical properties of bottle gourd seeds viz., size, shape, surface area, unit mass, densities, angle of repose and coefficient of friction at the moisture content of 10.04 % (wet basis).  The results revealed that the average length, width and thickness of seeds were 14.84, 7.44 and 3.34 mm, respectively.  The aspect ratio, sphericity, surface area and 1,000 seed mass of bottle gourd seeds were found to be 50.45 %, 0.48, 161.78 mm2 and 143.77 g, respectively.  The average values of true and bulk densities were 721.30 and 453.80 kg m-3, respectively and the corresponding porosity was 37.07%.  The terminal velocity was 6.14 m s-1.  The coefficient of friction on plywood and plastic surfaces were observed to be the highest and lowest, respectively.  As the bottle gourd seed oil contains omega-3 and ‘Lagenina’, the information obtained through the experiments is key parameters not only for food processors but also to the engineers for designing process and machines as well.


Keywords: Bulk density, coefficient of friction, dimensions, porosity, terminal velocity, true density


Axial dimensions; Bottle gourd seeds; Density; Terminal velocity.

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