Evaluation of soil-tire interaction on a soil bin


  • Payam Farhadi Master Science of Mechanical Engineering of Agricultural Machinery, University of Tehran, Karaj, Iran
  • A. Mohsenimanesh Agricultural Engineering Research Institute (AERI), Ministry of Agriculture, Karaj, Iran
  • R. Alimardani Department of Agricultural Technology and Engineering University of Tehran, Karaj, Iran


cone index, inflation pressure, load, dry bulk density, soil bin


A single wheel tester with the attention to the size of soil bin has been designed and fabricated to study soil tire interactions, in controlled soil environment.  The main parts of a single wheel tester include chassis, reduction gear unit, three-phase AC electric motor, hydraulic cylinder, tank, pump and valve, load cell and tires.  The experiment was designed with two levels of tire axle loads (15 and 25 kN) and two inflation pressures (70 and 150 kPa).  The tire (18.4/15-30) was run at a constant forward speed of 0.3 m s-1, 13% slip and 12% moisture content(d.b.) on clay loam soil.  A statistical comparison was made for the cone index values measured in the undisturbed soil, at the center of the track, and at the edge of the track.  A significant difference in cone index was found for all treatments.  Inflation pressure at the center and load at the edge of tire track has significant effect on cone index and dry bulk density.


Keywords: cone index, inflation pressure, load; dry bulk density, soil bin






III-Equipment Engineering for Plant Production