Hydration Kinetics of Teff Grain


  • J.A. Sadik
  • Biresaw Demelash
  • Mengistu Gizaw


Teff, peleg’s model, hydration, Ethiopia


Hydration kinetics of teff [Eragrostis teff (Zucc.) Trotter] grain was studied during soaking in water at the temperatures of 20℃, 30℃, 40℃ and 50℃ for 10 - 160 min.  The weight gain during soaking of the grains was used to calculate the moisture content (% db) and the data was fit to Peleg’s model.  Peleg’s model adequately predicted the water uptake of the teff grain under the experimental conditions investigated (r2 = 0.97 – 0.99).   The Peleg rate constant, k1, and capacity constant, k2, decreased from 0.714 to 0.272 min %-1and 0.043 to 0.025%-1, respectively, with the increasing temperature from 20℃ to 50℃.  Arrhenius type equation described the temperature dependence of k1 and k2 with r2 values of 0.91 and 0.98, respectively, and activation energy of 24.59 kJ mol-1.  The strong correlation coefficient value of 0.97 - 0.99 indicated that Peleg’s model could be used to characterize the hydration kinetics of teff grain under the experimental conditions considered.

Keywords: teff, Peleg’s model, hydration, Ethiopia






VI-Postharvest Technology and Process Engineering