Some cooking properties of germinated brown rice

Swati Bhauso Patil, Md. Khalid Khan


Effects of germination process on selected cooking properties of germinated brown rice made from Swarna and Lalat Indian varieties were studied. The germination process was comprised of draining the excess water after soaking the rice for 12 hours and then covering the rice with a clean dishtowel. After 16 to 18 hours, small sprouts were appeared. Dried germinated brown rice (DGBR) was obtained by drying wet germinated brown rice (WGBR) in a tray dryer at 50-60°C for 9 hours to reach from 32 % to 12 % moisture content (wet basis). Solid loss in gruel and cooking time were observed to be less in WGBR and DGBR than brown rice (BR) for both Swarna and Lalat varieties. Whiteness of BR was found not significantly different from that of DGBR; however, WGBR were whiter than BR for both the varieties.


germinated brown rice, soaking, cooking properties, Swarna, Lalat

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