Storage behavior of tomato inside a zero energy cool chamber

M. P. Islam, Tetsuo Morimoto, Kenji Hatou


Tomato fruits were harvested at the middle-ripe stage and stored inside the “Zero energy cool chamber (ZECC)” which has a shelf-life of only about 7 days at ambient temperature (25°C). Storing tomato inside the ZECC could be a practical technique at farmer’s field to extend storage life by reducing the quality degradation. Physiological loss in weight (PLW) was faster for fruits held at ambient temperature. Weight loss during the storage at ambient temperature was 5.4%, but untreated fruits at ZECC over the same period showed at 2.6% loss. Although soluble solids increased over the storage period, there were no significant differences between ZECC and ambient temperature. However effect of hot water treatment on quality of tomatoes was clearly visible by increasing storage life up to 29 days. It reduced weight loss and decay, inhibited color development and maintained firmness of tomatoes but had no effect on total soluble solids content and pH level. Hot water treatment slightly reduced the mold growth of tomatoes stored inside ZECC.


ZECC, tomato, fruit quality, storage time, hot water treatment, color development, firmness, Japan

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