Anthropometric and Strength Data of Indian Agricultural Workers for Equipment Design: A Review

Ravindra Tatyasaheb Vyavahare, Shrikant Kallurkar


Anthropometric and strength data of agricultural workers is very essential for the safe, user-friendliness and efficient design of farm equipments. This paper presents the review on the studies carried out so far to generate the anthropometric and strength data of agricultural workers for equipment design and ergonomics evaluation of farm equipments. Review shows that much of the studies are focused on anthropometric data and very few have considered strength parameters. For very few regions in India, anthropometric and strength data is available and it is essential to generate exhaustive region specific data (which was found varying region to region) for rest of the regions to suite the population in the particular region. Also there is necessity of ergonomic evaluation and optimization of farm equipments to reduce musculoskeletal disorders and prevent injuries in farm workers.


Agricultural ergonomics, equipment design, anthropometry, strength parameters

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