Noise evaluation of MF285 tractor while pulling a trailer in an asphalt road

Farzad Jalilian tabar, Hekmat Rabbani, Alinejat Lorestani, Payam Javadikia, Rashid Gholami


Tractors have been used for transportation on roads by many farmers in addition to use in the field operations. MF285 tractor is the popular kind of tractor in Iran (about 30% of all tractors) and almost this tractor has been used without cabin.  Despite the problems caused by noise from the tractors and all its adverse effects on users and observers, no comprehensive research has been done on them.  The result of this research indicate that the noise level of MF285 tractor, in 2250 r/min engine speed, will be 90 dB(A) which in comparison with the standard value, 85 dB(A), is dangerous for operator’s ears.  The test site was prepared according to the international standards.  The noise emitted by tractor in three gears (2, 3 and 4) and three speeds (1,500, 1,950 and 2,250 r/min) were measured and then analyzed statistically.  Analysis of variance and Duncan’s mean comparison test showed that the Sound Pressure Level (SPL) at the position of the driver in comparison to the observer position was statistically significant (P<0.01).  Also, result showed the speed of engine has a pivotal role in the production of noise and should be investigated in different operations.


Keywords: noise, tractor, sound pressure level, ergonomics




noise, tractor, sound pressure level, ergonomics

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