Physical and mechanical properties of Oak (Quercus Persica) fruits


  • Farzad Jalilian Tabar
  • A. N. Lorestani
  • R. Gholami
  • A. Behzadi
  • M. Fereidoni


physical and mechanical properties, oak, postharvest, Quercus Persica


This research was conducted over one Iranian variety of Oak (Quercus Persica) with 70 observations. Physical and mechanical properties of oak are necessary for equipment used in activities such as transportation, storage, grading, packing etc. Properties which were measured include fruit dimensions, mass, volume, projected area, fruit density, geometric mean diameter, sphericity and surface area. Bulk density, porosity and also packing coefficient were measured. Experiments were carried out at Results showed that average mass and volume were 12.95 g and 10.27 mL, respectively. Dimensions increased from 41.85 to 61.09 mm in length, 14.45 to 25.02 mm in width and 14.42 to 24.38 mm in thickness. The mean projected area perpendicular to length, width and thickness obtained 433.91, 1085.48 and 1115.46 mm2, respectively. The geometric mean diameter and surface area were calculated as 27.638 mm and 2423.82 mm2, respectively, while sphericity was measured 51.78%. Elasticity modulus (E), maximum force which fruit can support (Fmax) and work which performed to this force have been determined.





VI-Postharvest Technology and Process Engineering