Post harvest crop processing machine


  • Kazi Syed Zakiuddin Priyadarshini College of Engg
  • Jayant P Modak Priyadarshini College of Engg


manually energized flywheel motor, spiral jaw clutch, fodder


 Chaff is hay cut into small pieces for feeding to livestock.  Chaff can be carried by manually operated machine and electricity operated machine.  This paper presents experimental work executed for establishing mathematical model and simulation for chaff cutting operation establishment of mathematical model and its optimization.  Has been established for responses of the system such as instantaneous resistive torque (πD1), number of cuts (πD2) and process time (πD3).  Model for dependent term instantaneous resistive torque: πD1.  The models are:  Tc = 1.645×1031)3.80742)0.51413)-0.4521 4)1.686 5)2.3237 6)0.8162 7)-0.41898)-0.3840.  Model for dependent term number of cut (C) πD2: πD2= 0.6449 (π1) 0.00012)-0.0146   (π3)0.34714) 1.0151 5)0.2781 6)0.1233 7)0.97018)0.4773.  Model for the dependent term process time, πD3: πD3 = 43.43 (π1)0.00012) 0.17533) 0.0012 4) 0.0001 5) 0.05056) 0.2508 7)1.0008 8) 0.0004.  This paper discusses about the applications for pedal power technology.


Keywords: manually energized flywheel motor, spiral jaw clutch, fodder



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