Modeling of vacuum-infrared drying of pistachios


  • Ahmad Kouchakzadeh ILam University
  • Kourosh Haghighi ILam University


mathematical modeling, vacuum-infrared drying, pistachios


The vacuum-infrared drying of two varieties of Iranian pistachios (Khany and Abasali) was performed in a laboratory scale vacuum dryer, which was developed for this purpose.  A non-linear regression Logarithmic model represents good agreement with experimental data with coefficient of determination and mean square of deviation as 0.9942 and 2.035×10-5for Khany variety and 0.9951 and 2.365×10-5 for Abasali pistachios respectively.  Using combined vacuum infrared radiation to drying pistachios has a number of advantages.  Pistachios can be dried approximately eight to ten times faster than dryers that rely on conventional convection and conduction processes only; drying at near room temperatures is the most economical way and it seems the quality in the drying process is enhanced.

Keywords: Mathematical modeling, vacuum-infrared drying, pistachios

Author Biographies

Ahmad Kouchakzadeh, ILam University

Department of Agri Machinery Engineering

Kourosh Haghighi, ILam University

Department of Agri Machinery Engineering





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