Geometric properties of Kohanz apple fruits


  • Mohammad Bagher LAK


Keywords, eccentricity, equivalent diameter, image processing, roundness, sphericity


Kohanz is a domestic apple variety which is grown in Iran.  It is sensitive to packing conditions.  Bad packages normally cause decline in its quality.  Therefore, apple's geometric properties are of important consideration in the design of the fruit's packaging facilities.  In this study, a sample of 38 freshly harvested apple fruits was obtained, 82 images of their sides were acquired and geometric dimensions were measured.  Their axial dimensions, equivalent diameter and sphericity were obtained using a vernier caliper with accuracy of 0.05 mm, while the cross section area, eccentricity, perimeter and roundness were measured using a color based image processing method.  Their arithmetic mean diameter was 57.6 mm, while the mean eccentricity was 0.3058, mean roundness was 0.5858 and mean sphericity was 0.9985.  Therefore, the packing design must be collections of spheroid spaces with diameters of about 6.8 mm which will include all of the apples.





VI-Postharvest Technology and Process Engineering