Ecological and economical mortars made with dune sand and cements in combination with local mineral additions


  • Ibrahim Messaoudene
  • Raoul Jauberthie INSA RENNES
  • Laurent Molez
  • Abdelghani Naceri



Messaoudene Ibrahim1,2, Jauberthie Raoul1, Molez Laurent1,

Naceri Abdelghani2

(1. Mechanical and Civil Engineering Laboratory, INSA – 35043, Rennes, France;

2. Geomaterials Laboratory, MSILA University - 28000, Algeria)


Abstract: The aim of this study is to formulate and characterize, with different methods, mortars prepared with dune sand and Algerian clinker in combination with several admixtures, natural additions or industrial by-products as pozzolan, granulated blast furnace slag and marble powder.  Mineralogical and chemical compositions of the initial products were studied with X-ray diffraction (XRD), SEM, EDX and X fluorescence (XRF).  Grain size distribution of anhydrous cements and additions (absolute density, Blaine specific surface (SSB) and laser granulometry) were carried out.  Mortar strengths are acceptable at 28 days: between 5 and 6 MPa in bending test and between 28 and 41 MPa in compressive test.  These resistances improve clearly to reach high performances after one year: between 7 and 9 MPa in flexural test and between 43 and 61 MPa in compressive test.  The microstructure was studied using SEM coupled with microanalysis EDX; these observations explained the increase mechanical strength.  Results showed that it is possible to obtain mortars with high mechanical performances in long-term and, ecological and especially economic advantages with a good formulation of those mortars containing dune sand and additive cements (binary, ternary or quaternary) with super plasticizer adjuvant.

Keywords: mix design, characterization, pozzolan, slag, marble, dune sand Algeria


Citation: Messaoudene Ibrahim, Jauberthie Raoul, Molez Laurent, and Naceri Abdelghani.  Ecological and economical mortars made with dune sand and cements in combination with local mineral additions.  Agric Eng Int: CIGR Journal, 2010, 12(3): 38-47.




Author Biography

Raoul Jauberthie, INSA RENNES

Dep Civil Engeneering





II-Farm Buildings and Construction