Three Single Wheel Machines for Traction and Soil Compaction Research


  • Thomas R Way USDA-ARS National Soil Dynamics Lab


Three single wheel machines for traction and soil compaction research have been developed in recent years at the USDA-ARS National Soil Dynamics Laboratory.  The Traction Research Vehicle has been used extensively for soil bin traction and soil compaction experiments.  The vehicle uses feedback computer control to control tire dynamic load, forward velocity, inflation pressure, and in a given run, either travel reduction or net traction.  The all-terrain vehicle (ATV) tire single wheel machine has been used in determining traction and motion resistance characteristics of ATV tires in soil bins.  The ATV tire machine uses the forward velocity feedback computer control of the Traction Research Vehicle and uses deadweight loading for dynamic load.  Tire angular velocity is manually controlled by the operator using a joystick.  A single wheel traction research machine designed for use in the field has been developed, but computer control has not been completed.

Author Biography

Thomas R Way, USDA-ARS National Soil Dynamics Lab

Title: Agricultural Engineer






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