Evaluation of an IUL Flash & Go Automated Colony Counter

Ajit K Mahapatra, Donna L Harris, Chau N Nguyen, Govindarajan Kannan


An IUL Flash & Go automated colony counter was used to enumerate E. coli (ATCC 700728) colonies and its performance was compared with manual counting on spiral plates. A total of 85 plates were analyzed. Linear regression analysis and the log differences between the manual and automated counts were determined. The results were analyzed to evaluate the reliability and accuracy of the colony counter.  A correlation coefficient of 0.969, a slope of 0.932 and intercept of 0.25 all indicate a strong, linear relationship. The mean log value difference between the manual and Flash & Go count methods was -0.035. Of the 85 plates counted, 95% of the plates were within 0.15 log10 difference between the manual and Flash & Go automated counts. These results demonstrate that the Flash & Go automated colony counter is an effective, accurate and time saving alternative to the standard method of manual counting.       

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