Impact force of melon seeds during shelling

F. B. Okokon, E. Epkenyong, C. Nwaukwa, N. Akpan, F. I. Abam


Melon seeds are shelled in a rotating impeller – a type of machine to obtain the cotyledons.  The seeds exit the impeller and impact a cylindrical ring shelling the seeds.  Because of the impact force, some of the seeds are broken, which would deteriorate in storage and make lower market value.  An analytical method was used to determine the factors affecting the impact force on the ring.  Experimental compression tests were carried out to determine the static force for breaking melon seeds.  Some seeds were also shelled with an experimental shelling machine and the number of broken seeds was counted. Analysis results showed that the factors affecting the impact force were impeller speed, seed cross-section area at impact and mass ratio.  The mean forces for breaking melon seeds were 13.14×10-3 N, 19.62×10-3N and 19.55×10-3 N for orientations of breadthwise, lengthwise with tip up and lengthwise with tip down respectively.

Keywords: impact force, melon seeds, shelling, analysis


Citation: Okokon F. B., E. Ekpenyong, C. Nwaukwa, N. Akpan, and F. I. Abam.  Impact force of melon seeds during shelling.  Agric Eng Int: CIGR Journal, 2010, 12(1): 182-188.


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