Variable Rate Fertilization for Maize and its Effects Based on the Site-specific Soil Fertility and Yield

Y. Lan, S. Zhang, W. Li, W. C. Hoffmann, C. Ma


The experiments of variable rate fertilization (VRF) for maize were carried out by using a VRF system that was designed and manufactured by us. In the studies, prescriptions of VRT were made for maize according to the nutrient levels in soil and the theory of yield goal. The results of this study have shown that VRF increased maize yield by 11% more in 2004 than that of conventional method of fertilization and 33% in 2005, and the application rate was saved by 32% in 2004 and 29% in 2005. In addition to higher yields, VRF also increased the cost-benefit ratio under the condition of reasonable rate of fertilizer application.

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