Vetiver Grass as a Potential Resource for Rural Development in Bangladesh

M. P. Islam, Md. Khairul Hassan Bhuiyan, M. Z. Hossain


Good quality lands are degraded by water and wind erosion, loss of organic matter, water-logging and salinity in Bangladesh which decreases crop yield and biodiversity. Lands are also contaminated with heavy metals due to growing industrialization. There are lots of expensive methods for controlling soil erosion, soil salinity, and land degradation, which can not be achievable in developing countries. The environment-friendly vetiver grass is available all over Bangladesh and it is economically feasible to control land degradation.  Vetiver grass can also be used for other purposes, as mentioned in this paper, and poor people can earn money utilizing vetiver grass.  But most of the people are unaware of the utility of this natural resource and therefore, motivation and training on the utilization of vetiver products are necessary.

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