Storage Stability of Sandesh – an Indian Milk Sweet

J. K. Sahu, Alok Jha


Storage stability of sandesh, one of the popular Indian milk sweets was determined in terms of its moisture adsorption isotherms by gravimetrically at 20 and 30°C using saturated salt solutions in the range of 11.2 and 97.2%. The isotherms obtained were of sigmoid shape and of the BET type. Out of three sorption models fitted to the experimental data, Caurie model was found superior in interpreting the moisture adsorption characteristics of sandesh with low relative deviation percent and high coefficient of determination. The values of isosteric heat of sorption as calculated from Clausius–Clapeyron equation was found to increase with decreasing moisture content at lower moisture content and approached the value of heat of vaporization of free water above 17.25% (db). 

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