Multiple Parameters for Prediction of Translucent Flesh in Mangosteens

Sontisuk Teerachaichayut, Anupun Terdwongworakul, Siwalak Pathaveerat


Translucent flesh in mangosteen is a main defect that obstructs the exporting growth and prompts the need for non-destructive inspecting technique. The physical and chemical parameters of 257 mangosteen samples were determined as a ratio of maximum diameter and minimum diameter (RMM), a ratio of calyx weight and fruit weight (CWW), Specific gravity (SC), averaged pericarp moisture content (AMC), and differential pericarp moisture content (DMC). Discriminant analyses were performed on the parameters to evaluate the accuracy of translucency classification validated by leave-one-out cross validation. The overall accuracy of classification was achieved using all parameters presenting 78.9% compared with 72% when using only SC for samples without yellow gumming and hardening pericarp disorder. The pericarp hardening samples and yellow gumming samples were found to decrease the accuracy of the analysis. The results indicated that the multiple parameters that objectively imitated the subjective indices employed by manual sorter could be applicable to evaluate the translucent flesh.

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