Study of Air Velocity Adjustment to Maximise Spray Deposition in Peach Orchards

P. Marucco, M. Tamagnone, P. Balsari


Air adjustment on air-assisted sprayers used for applying pesticides in orchard is very important to achieve an even spray deposition within the canopy. A set of tests were carried out in a peach orchard to investigate which combinations of air velocity measured on the target, sprayer forward speed and application rate are most suitable to get a high and even spray deposition within the whole canopy. Combinations of six different air velocities, ranging from 3.7 to 23.0 m s-1, four different forward speeds (from 3.9 to 13.0 km h-1) and four different volume rates (from 200 to 1000 l ha-1) were examined. Test results pointed out that working at 7 km h-1 employing an air velocity of 14 m s-1 enabled to achieve the best compromise to get a uniform coverage of the canopy, especially when low volumes (up to 400 l ha-1) were sprayed.

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