Sustainable Plant Protection Within Sustainable Fruit Growing - an American Experience

Andrew Landers


Sustainability means many things to many people; it is an attempt to provide the best outcomes for man and the natural environment, both now and in the future. In sustainable fruit growing, the thee E’s of sustainability, Environmentally sound, Economically viable and socially Equitable must be combined with the three E’s of crop protection, i.e. Effectiveness, Efficiency and the Environment.

This paper details aspects of pesticide management within sustainable fruit production within the USA. The use of a workbook as an educational tool is discussed along with other methods of extension support such as bulletins and fact sheets. The introduction of a training course to ensure operators are aware of good spraying techniques is also highlighted. Application technology research at Cornell University is also presented, outlining methods such as reducing and directing airflow, and nozzle orientation to improve pesticide deposition and reduce drift.

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