Efficacy of Unit Canopy Row Spraying System for Control of European Vine Moth (Lobesia botrana) in Vineyards

A. Barani, A. Franchi, R. Bugiani, A. Montermini


A one year study on the efficacy of Unit Canopy Row (UCR) spraying method for controlling European vine moth, Lobesia botrana, was carried out in a hedgerow vineyard (cv. Lambrusco Salamino) of the Emilia-Romagna region wine-growing area. The trial aimed to compare two different spraying techniques on 2nd and the 3rd generation of the phytofagous. The Standard technique, in which the whole canopy was sprayed with a volume obtained according to the farmer’s spraying practices, was compared with UCR technique. In this latter spraying technique, volume was calculated according to the UCR formula and measuring only the height and width of the bunch zone. The same plant protection products and the same timing were adopted, therefore, the two plots differed regarding both the spraying volumes and the dosages per hectare of the plant protection products applied. The results were quite promising, but much more research is still necessary.

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