Analysis of Selected Tractor Seats for Seating Dimensions in Laboratory


  • K. K. Jain College of Agric. Engineering & Technology,


The tractor seat is one of the important component / assembly as far as the human machine system and comfort of tractor operator are concerned .With this in view, a field survey and laboratory study were conducted of selected popular tractors and tractor seats, respectively,with particular reference to seating dimensions. Dimensions for seat pan and backrest were measured and analyzed, according to BIS recommendations. The results highlighted that seat pan width was found 10.9% less, seat height was found 15.3% in excess, no vertical adjustments and backrest width was also found 20.4% less. This may cause discomfort for smaller as well as higher percentile tractor operators. Based upon the design of mounting arrangement of different tractor seats – a common device i.e. seat base plate was developed.This plate may serve as a base for providing isolators for vibration attenuation. Also, this arrangement may be quite useful in testing of different tractor seats, under the constraints in availability of different makes of tractors at a time for experimental study or testing work. The study also highlighted that present tractor seats need minor modifications / improvements in seating dimensions as per BIS recommendations. The development of a common seat base plate may prove to be a step forward in the direction of long awaited tractor standardization. The information thus obtained can be utilized in seat design, work place lay out as well as adapted by agriculture engineers for better work environment.




III-Equipment Engineering for Plant Production