Field Testing of a Prototype Recycling Sprayer in a Vineyard: Spray Distribution and Loss

C. Baldoin, C. De Zanche, D. Bondesan


A prototype recycling sprayer was tested in a vineyard with the aim to analyze the distribution of spray in the canopy and the off target dispersion of the spray. The sprayer was developed in cooperation with a manufacturer based on a commercial wrap-around sprayer with centrifugal fan and hydraulic nozzles. The nozzles are fitted inside air spouts placed along vertical air ducts, located so that two converging air jets reach each other at the canopy. Two vertical panels (120 x 200 cm) were installed on the same folding arms on which the air ducts are placed, and a horizontal panel was placed which covers the canopy. Excess liquid is collected on the lower side of the panels and sucked back into the tank by a Venturi hydro injector. Part of the air streams delivered by the fan were diverted to additional air ducts in order to create a vertical and a horizontal air curtain on the rear and lower edges of the tunnel. The prototype, not yet ready for being put on the market but functionally completed, was submitted to a field test with several sets of nozzles to verify the capability of the machine to reduce drift and to save active ingredient during the spray application. The recycling device confirmed its efficiency with a saving of about 32% of active ingredients at the end of the treatments.

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