Effects of Moisture Content on Some Physical Properties of Apricot Kernel (CV. Sonnati Salmas)

H. Fathollahzadeh, H. Mobli, B. Beheshti, A. Jafari, A. M. Borghei


Investigation of physical properties of apricot kernel is necessary for the design of equipment for processing, transportation, sorting and separating. In this research the physical properties of apricot kernels have been evaluated as a function of moisture content vary from 2.86 to 13.03% (w.b.). With increasing in moisture content, kernel length, width, thickness, geometric mean diameter and surface area increased; the sphericity varyied from 62.2% to 62.9%; mass, thousand grain mass, volume and true density increased from 0.437 to 0.484 (gr), 437.4 to 484 (gr), 0.431 to 0.473 (cm3) and 1015.7 to 1023.5 (kg/m3), respectively; The porosity and bulk density decreased from 47.21 to 42.71% and 580.02 to 540.11 (kg/m3) respectively. The angle of static friction on all surfaces increased as the moisture content increased.

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