Experimental Study on Hemp Residues Combustion in a small Scale Stationary Fluidized Bed Combustor

Nguyen Dinh Tung, Dieter Steinbrecht, Johannes Beu, Eldor Backhaus


Stationary fluidized bed combustion (SFBC-400, diameter 400 mm) has been proved to be an effective way of converting biomass wastages (Hemp residues) into clean energy. It has been received wide research attention in terms of its potential as an economic and environmentally acceptable technology for burning biomass and organic wastages. This paper introduces an experimental study of Hemp residues combustion in a SFBC. Experiments on ranges from 80 to 200 kW combustion test facility capacity show that Hemp residue Combustion temperature must be on ranges from 800 to 825° C. Temperature, volume and the concentrations of exhausted emissions (e.g. CO2, O2, CO, NO, NOX, SO2) are measured by dedicated sensors at different profiles inside the combustor, along its height and in the flue gas duct where the emission is exhausted.

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