Thermal Performance of an Adobe Structure Integrated with an Earth-Air Heat Exchanger: An Experimental Study

Ashish Shukla, G. N. Tinwari, M. S. Sodha


In this paper an attempt has been made to study annual thermal performance of an adobe structure with an effective area of 53 m2 located at solar energy park at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi ( 280 35' N,770 12' E ), India. Such houses are suitable for rural areas for various reasons e.g. storage of grains, low energy consumption, thermal comfort, made by local materials and environmental friendly. Experiments have been conducted during June 2004-May 2005 to measure hourly variation of room air temperature of room with an earth-air heat exchanger, untreated room and room with cross ventilation. Hourly variation of solar intensity, ambient temperature, inlet-outlet temperature of an earth-air heat exchanger has been measured. Analysis has been done by calculating average and maximum\minimum temperature of each room in each month. It has been found that room equipped with an earth-air heat exchanger gives best comfort among all other. It is seen that temperature of room with an earthair heat exchanger is 6.5 oC more and 3.0 oC less than temperature of untreated room in December and May month. Experimental uncertainties for December and May for room with an earth-air heat exchanger have been found out 11.9 and 3.0 % respectively.

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