Optimization Model for Mix Proportioning of Clay-Ricehusk-Cement Mixture for Animal Buildings

T. U. Nwakonobi, N. N. Osadebe


Clay soil is one of the types of earth materials used for animal building constructions in Nigeria particularly in the rural areas. It is also used for other agricultural buildings. This
clay soil generally has a very high swelling and shrinkage potential and is not favourable when used for building construction. The quality of clay as a building material can be
improved but this depends on the addition of the correct stabilizer such as ricehusk and cement in a suitable proportion. In this study, a mathematical model was developed and used
to optimize the mix proportion that will produce the maximum strength of clay-ricehuskcement mixture using Scheffe’s simplex lattice approach. The model formulated compares
favourably with the experimental data. It also satisfies the student’s t and Chi-square tests.The optimum value of strength predicted by this model is 18.204 N/mm2 corresponding to a
mix proportion of 77.80, 14.16 and 8.04 percent of clay, ricehusk and cement respectively at optimum water content of 23.22 %

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